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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


* Why Quality Is Cheaper *


It's a funny concept, but quality is cheaper in the long run.

The problem with low quality thin walled log cabins or
summer houses is to make them stable you need an
expensive concrete base. The other problem is that
with thin walls, they can't support proper roof tiles, thats
why all these buildings have felt on the roof and tend to
look more like a shed. Worse still is that you will have to
insulate the building and roof to have any chance of using
the building all year around and possibly even have to
insulate the floor.

It's amazing how quickly the costs mount up.

With a substantial wall thickness, say min 94mm, you
tend not to have the above expenses.

You only need pad stones, not a concrete base. That alone
will save over a thousand pounds.

No roof insulation required as the roof is wood cladded and
tiled on top of wooden roof boards. That saving could be a couple
of hundred pounds.

You can have a nicer looking more substantial roof system that
looks like a building and not a shed because the walls can take
the weight.

At 94mm thick, you don't need to render the walls, leaving a far nicer more
natural finish not to mention the cost of a carpenter and a plasterer.

You don't need floor insulation with 35mm interlocking floorboards,
i don't know how much that would save.

Then there is the hastle of having to go through all the above just to
make the building capable of doing what you need it for.

Why Bother!!!

So in conclusion, with a log cabin, garden building or home office.

Quality is Definatly the Cheaper Option.


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