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Friday, February 18, 2005


* New Franchise In Kent *

Well we are kicking off the new year with a frenzy. Our 5m x 6m Karelia building
has never been more popular. We are even taking orders from the Caribbean.
We are also proud to anounce our latest Franchisee. After turning down nearly 80
applicants, we are happy to introduce you to Mr Johnathan Whale. He will run the
Kent and Surrey districts as our representative. Finding the right people to
forward your business and have the right character to deal with our public, is a
very demanding task. Mr Whale is opening for business in March 05. He and his
team will be based at Polehill garden centre in Kent. This is a premier location,
and quite a responsibility for Johnathan. He will be available daily to answer all
you enquirys and take care of your needs. Keep looking back at this blog for more
updates from Pinewood Lodges Ltd.


Paul Martin

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