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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


“A Perfect Solution for the Home Worker”

“A Perfect Solution for the Home Worker”

There is nothing new about working from home, I've been doing it for over 10 years and have struggled with the problems of converting loft space, extending the garage and trying to hold an intelligent conversation on the phone with a customer whilst making apologies for the dogs barking and the children wanting to watch Harry Potter, yet again.
About 7.5 million people now work from home and this figure is set to grow, suggests research from the Henley Centre. By 2006 more than 30 per cent of the UK workforce will have a home base. We have worked hard to address this growing need and have come up with a great solution, from the office to the hobby room incorporating the space and technology necessary for the home worker.
The key to a successful homework set-up is a dedicated space in which work can get done. The home worker will need to have the latest technology to compete in the world of business. Supplying the office space to meet your home office needs is just the start, we will also help with the installation of structured cabling system that allows access to computers, telephones, televisions, home entertainment systems, safety and security systems.
We build and erect high quality Log Cabins that combined with our workmanship and timber obtained from renewable resources, your Home Office will last a life time and add to the value of your property.
Prices for a home office start from as little as £6,999 fully installed for a one-roomed cabin measuring 3mtr by 3mtr (100sq feet).
For more detailed information or to discuss your specific needs
please call us on 0800 0 262 262 or send an e-mail to paul@pinewoodlodges.com

What is a Roof

The roof, the top covering of a building, is one of the universal structures found on all buildings. Its purpose is primarily to shed water off the building and to prevent it from accumulating on top. To achieve this goal, Roofs may be highly pitched (sloped) or low sloped in form.

Low sloped roofs are commonly found on industrial/commercial type structures. Pitched roofs are the primary design found on residential homes. The most common type of low sloped roof for industrial/commercial structures are the conventional built-up-roof (BUR), modified bitumen, or single plies (EPDM, PVC, TPO). Metal standing seam roofs are becoming increasingly common on low sloped roof assemblies.

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