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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


“5 Top Tips For Successful Home Working”

“How To Make A Success Of Working From Home"

1. Ask friends and family not to interrupt you between certain hours just because you're at home doesn't mean you're not working!

2. If your working area is part of another room, such as the living room, don't let paperwork, files or books spill over into the main room. Define your working area and work within it.

3. If you have a separate room to work in, it's worth getting another one/computer line with a different number from your home number. This keeps your personal life and working life separate.

4. Make sure you have everything you need to function successfully - a large enough desk, a comfortable chair and good lighting.

5. Don't become isolated. Keep in touch with colleagues by e-mail and arrange to meet for lunch every few weeks.

Paul Martin of Pinewood Lodges Ltd explains: "More and more people are looking to add an extra room to their property and do not want to build an extension because of the associated costs. We have worked hard to address this growing need and we've come up with a great solution. We've developed a range of high quality timber cabins which can be used to provide a secure and versatile extra room."
Whatever your need, a home office, hobby room, garden summerhouse or pool house, our timber cabins are easy to assemble, quick to install and planning permission, in most cases, is not required.
Paul added: "The re-emergence of timber as a building material has occurred as concern for the environment has grown. Timber being a natural product offers beauty, good insulation qualities and ease of maintenance".
There are 10 standard design models in our range and cabins can be customised to suit individual requirements and tastes. Our design team has the scope and ability to cover the full range of applications.
Options for log cabins run from delivery to site for self-assembly right the way through to delivered and installed with insulation and preservative. Prices for the above range from £3,999 upwards supplied only, including delivery.

To discuss your specific needs please call us on 0800 0 262 262 or
E-mail us at: info@pinewoodlodges.com

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