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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Home Offices

The trend for home workers in the Uk is on the increase. Our sales figures this month have shot up 150% on the last month. Even though figues have been rising, this is a dramatic increase. We are not complaining :-) Things have never looked better for the log cabin and garden building market in the UK. I think that the quality and guarantees of our range is the reason for this rise. People are starting to become educated in our market. There are still to many firms out there selling really inferior products that are not suitable for all year useage. we say again that you must have at least a 94mm wall thickness to enable you to use this product year round. There are still to many 28mm, 34mm and 45mm products of inferior quality wood on the market. Pine wood Lodges still have the least cost, highest quality and best guarantees in the business. try our site at: www.pinewoodlodges.com or better still, if you want to know the 7 most important facts before investing in a log building, then take our free report at: www.pinewoodlodges.com/report.htm It's all the information you will ever need to make a good buying decision, weather it is with us or not.


Paul Martin

0800 0 262 262
07974 566894

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