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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Still In Doubt?

If you arew still in doubt about the difference between
log cabin companies in the UK. Just ask the following questions
to put your mind at ease and choose the right log cabin for you.

1. Are you a manufacturer or just an agent?

2. Do you bespoke buildings or do i have to buy a standard kit?

3. Can you build as well as just supply?

4. Do you offer a 10 year guarantee on cabin as well as build?

5. Are the logs you use at least 120 years old?

6. Are your buildings kiln dried to between 15 - 19% precipitation?

If the answers are not on the positive side to all these questions, then
this is not the company to use.


Paul Martin

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


* Why Quality Is Cheaper *


It's a funny concept, but quality is cheaper in the long run.

The problem with low quality thin walled log cabins or
summer houses is to make them stable you need an
expensive concrete base. The other problem is that
with thin walls, they can't support proper roof tiles, thats
why all these buildings have felt on the roof and tend to
look more like a shed. Worse still is that you will have to
insulate the building and roof to have any chance of using
the building all year around and possibly even have to
insulate the floor.

It's amazing how quickly the costs mount up.

With a substantial wall thickness, say min 94mm, you
tend not to have the above expenses.

You only need pad stones, not a concrete base. That alone
will save over a thousand pounds.

No roof insulation required as the roof is wood cladded and
tiled on top of wooden roof boards. That saving could be a couple
of hundred pounds.

You can have a nicer looking more substantial roof system that
looks like a building and not a shed because the walls can take
the weight.

At 94mm thick, you don't need to render the walls, leaving a far nicer more
natural finish not to mention the cost of a carpenter and a plasterer.

You don't need floor insulation with 35mm interlocking floorboards,
i don't know how much that would save.

Then there is the hastle of having to go through all the above just to
make the building capable of doing what you need it for.

Why Bother!!!

So in conclusion, with a log cabin, garden building or home office.

Quality is Definatly the Cheaper Option.


Paul Martin
National Marketing Manager
0800 0 262 262
0845 009 0215
07974 566894

Friday, February 18, 2005


* New Franchise In Kent *

Well we are kicking off the new year with a frenzy. Our 5m x 6m Karelia building
has never been more popular. We are even taking orders from the Caribbean.
We are also proud to anounce our latest Franchisee. After turning down nearly 80
applicants, we are happy to introduce you to Mr Johnathan Whale. He will run the
Kent and Surrey districts as our representative. Finding the right people to
forward your business and have the right character to deal with our public, is a
very demanding task. Mr Whale is opening for business in March 05. He and his
team will be based at Polehill garden centre in Kent. This is a premier location,
and quite a responsibility for Johnathan. He will be available daily to answer all
you enquirys and take care of your needs. Keep looking back at this blog for more
updates from Pinewood Lodges Ltd.


Paul Martin

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


"New Range Of Round Log Cabins Coming To Pinewood Lodges Ltd"

"New Range Of Products"

After much demand, we are finally bringing our range of round log buildings to the UK. These buildings have been selling like crazy in Russia and some parts of Northern Europe. We are introducing over 30 new standard buildings. This is our Imperial Range. Watch the website at:
www.pinewoodlodges.com over the next 2 - 3 weeks for pictures, floorplans and reviews of our new range. We are also introducing a range of Log Garages and Barrell Saunas. Should you require more info on these products before they are up on the web, then call us at 0800 0 262 262 or
E-mail: info@pinewoodlodges.com


Paul Martin


“5 Top Tips For Successful Home Working”

“How To Make A Success Of Working From Home"

1. Ask friends and family not to interrupt you between certain hours just because you're at home doesn't mean you're not working!

2. If your working area is part of another room, such as the living room, don't let paperwork, files or books spill over into the main room. Define your working area and work within it.

3. If you have a separate room to work in, it's worth getting another one/computer line with a different number from your home number. This keeps your personal life and working life separate.

4. Make sure you have everything you need to function successfully - a large enough desk, a comfortable chair and good lighting.

5. Don't become isolated. Keep in touch with colleagues by e-mail and arrange to meet for lunch every few weeks.

Paul Martin of Pinewood Lodges Ltd explains: "More and more people are looking to add an extra room to their property and do not want to build an extension because of the associated costs. We have worked hard to address this growing need and we've come up with a great solution. We've developed a range of high quality timber cabins which can be used to provide a secure and versatile extra room."
Whatever your need, a home office, hobby room, garden summerhouse or pool house, our timber cabins are easy to assemble, quick to install and planning permission, in most cases, is not required.
Paul added: "The re-emergence of timber as a building material has occurred as concern for the environment has grown. Timber being a natural product offers beauty, good insulation qualities and ease of maintenance".
There are 10 standard design models in our range and cabins can be customised to suit individual requirements and tastes. Our design team has the scope and ability to cover the full range of applications.
Options for log cabins run from delivery to site for self-assembly right the way through to delivered and installed with insulation and preservative. Prices for the above range from £3,999 upwards supplied only, including delivery.

To discuss your specific needs please call us on 0800 0 262 262 or
E-mail us at: info@pinewoodlodges.com


“A Perfect Solution for the Home Worker”

“A Perfect Solution for the Home Worker”

There is nothing new about working from home, I've been doing it for over 10 years and have struggled with the problems of converting loft space, extending the garage and trying to hold an intelligent conversation on the phone with a customer whilst making apologies for the dogs barking and the children wanting to watch Harry Potter, yet again.
About 7.5 million people now work from home and this figure is set to grow, suggests research from the Henley Centre. By 2006 more than 30 per cent of the UK workforce will have a home base. We have worked hard to address this growing need and have come up with a great solution, from the office to the hobby room incorporating the space and technology necessary for the home worker.
The key to a successful homework set-up is a dedicated space in which work can get done. The home worker will need to have the latest technology to compete in the world of business. Supplying the office space to meet your home office needs is just the start, we will also help with the installation of structured cabling system that allows access to computers, telephones, televisions, home entertainment systems, safety and security systems.
We build and erect high quality Log Cabins that combined with our workmanship and timber obtained from renewable resources, your Home Office will last a life time and add to the value of your property.
Prices for a home office start from as little as £6,999 fully installed for a one-roomed cabin measuring 3mtr by 3mtr (100sq feet).
For more detailed information or to discuss your specific needs
please call us on 0800 0 262 262 or send an e-mail to paul@pinewoodlodges.com


"UK Home Working Revolution"


Start-up company directors will soon be venturing outdoors with the assistance of some fresh thinking that aims to put a welcome twist on the concept of working from home.

Garden offices have already been a huge success in Australia and Europe, but UK company Pinewood Lodges Ltd (www.pinewoodlodges.com) are ready to introduce the idea to the traditionally British housebound operation.

The advantages to an outside office are numerous with less clutter in the home, a detached environment without distraction and, presumably, a room with a view.

“People in Britain never seem to consider an alternative to converting one of their spare rooms into what often turns out to be a cramped, work-prohibitive cubby-hole,” says National Marketing Manager Paul Martin. “Moving your place of work to the garden not only saves interior space but gives the owner a real sense of differentiation between office and home.”

A fully functional office environment can be constructed in under two weeks and with many of the cabins not requiring planning permission the installation process is surprisingly simple.

All products are remarkably cost effective and range from 3m by 3m home office cabins to whatever size you require, with all of the finished structures fully customised to the purchaser’s exact specification.

The next stage is to transform the empty space into a place of work; lighting, power sockets, phone jacks, routers and double-glazing are just some of the features and utilities that can be easily included.

“One of the major concerns of the British public is the weather,” adds Paul. “It is assumed that outdoor offices are a preserve of sunnier climes and less severe winters. This is ridiculous. Our team ensures that customers are aware of seasonal changes so that all cabins can be heated, insulated and generally protected from the elements. Our cabins are built in Russia to withstand
tempretures of -40c and to handle 10ft of snow on the roof, without any problems."

Although many of the more popular cabins can be easily selected from our online catalogues, a growing area of interest in the UK is the bespoke outdoor office. The big difference is that our log cabins are hand built and have many advantages over conventional offerings such as exceptional value for money, low environmental impact and are beautiful to look at as well as being ecologically sound. Pinewood Lodges Cabins have a great design team available to create the cabin to meet your specific requirements and to quickly and comprehensively advise on the most suitable structure for the space available.

With home offices already shooting up across the rest of Europe, 2005 should be the year when Britain finally starts to catch up.

The latest catalogue of products are available online at www.pinewoodlodges.com
Alternatively the advice and order number is 0800 0 262 262.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Home Offices

The trend for home workers in the Uk is on the increase. Our sales figures this month have shot up 150% on the last month. Even though figues have been rising, this is a dramatic increase. We are not complaining :-) Things have never looked better for the log cabin and garden building market in the UK. I think that the quality and guarantees of our range is the reason for this rise. People are starting to become educated in our market. There are still to many firms out there selling really inferior products that are not suitable for all year useage. we say again that you must have at least a 94mm wall thickness to enable you to use this product year round. There are still to many 28mm, 34mm and 45mm products of inferior quality wood on the market. Pine wood Lodges still have the least cost, highest quality and best guarantees in the business. try our site at: www.pinewoodlodges.com or better still, if you want to know the 7 most important facts before investing in a log building, then take our free report at: www.pinewoodlodges.com/report.htm It's all the information you will ever need to make a good buying decision, weather it is with us or not.


Paul Martin

0800 0 262 262
07974 566894


Home Offices

What a deal, we will build you a 16m2 building for use as a home office, complete with a tiled roof, double glazing, guttering and downpipes, base, electrics, a 1.5 x 4m decked veranda and roof overhang, initial wood treatment, 4" (94mm) walls and all labour required, anywhere in the uk with a 10 year guarantee for only £11,995 inc. it dosn't get better than that.


Paul Martin

0800 0 262 262
07974 566894

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


1 Bedroom garden building with no planning needed

We have designed a 1 bed on suite with a lounge diner that requires no planning permission. This is a breakthrough in the industry. Imagine, a mini house in you garden for a lot less than an extention. Check out our site at: www.pinewoodlodges.com.


Paul Martin

0800 0 262 262
07974 566894

Monday, October 11, 2004


The National Franchise Exhibition

Well what a response we had at the Birmingham National Franchise Exhibition. The show was so busy. We had over 300 serious enquiries for our log cabin and garden building franchise opportunity. With the quality and service we offer and the return on investment, we shouldn't have been suprised. Still its good to know that so many people like your product and think of your business as valuable. The general conscent of people we talked to felt that it was a much upcoming industry in the UK. With so many home workers looking for home offices and our product being a 12 month building, not just a summer house, it attracted a lot of interest in both a franchise opportunity and people wanting to buy a lodge or home office for the garden. We talked to several log cabin resort owners and there view was our cabins, lodges and homes were incredible value for money considering the quality. we only deal in the highest grade of materials available. One resort owner had 300 mobile homes he wants to change over to log cabins and we are already in talks with him. It is a great show for both selling your product and if you have a great opportunity to offer people it just gets better.

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